Thursday, 20 February 2014

Two Stars And One Wish Week 3

I am proud that I have used my time more effectily than last week because I wasn't sitting next to my friends. Instead, I was sitting next to people who would encourage me to keep my learning up.

I am also proud of my workshops and my timetable. I have got my timetable right and have been to every workshop this week. I am also proud of the quality that I have done in every single workshop.

My goal is to bring my device every single day because to be honest, on Thursday, I forgot my device on accident. I can help to not forget my device ever again by having a list of what I need to get prepared for because I am going to be needing loads of all sorts of things such as, my device and usually, I would remember this all, but since I now have so many things in my head, I can't remember it all.

The End.
By Tane.

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