Thursday, 31 March 2016

School Ambassador

Today I met some people from Massey University to show them around the school and in my learning.

Buddy Challenge Day Writing 2016 Portfolio Sample

Purpose: To Inform
I chose to publish my Buddy Challenge Day Writing Because I am quite bad at informing.

What a day on the Russell Street School field! I was running a fun activity called ‘Cat and Mouse’, which is a game where you have a human pretending to be a cat, and another person pretending to be a mouse, and the cat has to try and eat (tag) the mouse, and you have a group of people standing in a circle holding hands to try to let the mouse in and out, but keep the cat away.

“I thought that your game was a big success, because everyone likes cat and mouse, because it is fun and everyone gets a turn at what they want”, Sam says.

“I had a rope climb and made them go under a net and over a bunch of ropes and work as a team. They didn't have a great time limit, but the fastest time was 48 seconds, and the slowest was 8 minutes! I think that the kids really enjoyed, Hunter, one of the school ambassadors who was running
another activity said.

“I think that the game was quite good because all the other activities were quite fisical, and this was quite relaxed. I think that this was my favourite!”, Tom said. Now it’s time to see Camden for an interview. “It was kind of hard, hot but challenging”. He enjoyed the day.

Buddy Challenge Day seemed to be a blast, like a rocketship into the sky of happiness. We all enjoyed Buddy Challenge day, and we are all excited for next time.

Feedback/Feedforward: I like the way you explained about each activity. Next time you could make the ending more interesting because it kinda ends in a way that stops the excitement. Emily

Evaluation: I disagree with Emily because it is a newspaper to inform, not to entertain.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

I Statements

Description: In class we have been learning about I statements, and we made videos to demonstrate.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Whakapapa Portfolio Sample

Description: In E Te Reo, we have been learning about our Whakapapa or our family tree. Here is mine.
Me - Au. Daniela, Sister - Teina. Brent, Father - Papa, Matua. Paola, Mother - Mama, Whaea. Colleen, Nana - Kuia. Donald, Grandpa - Koroua, Koro. Miriam, Nana - Kuia. Mark, Uncle - Matua Keke. Kim, Aunty - Whaea Keke. Shane, Uncle - Matua Keke. Tanya, Aunty - Whaea Keke. Andrea, Aunty - Whaea Keke. Alejo, Cousin - Kaihana. Andres, Uncle - Matua Keke. Daniela, Aunty - Whaea Keke. Diego, Uncle - Matua Keke.  Isabella, Cousin - Kaihana. Liliana, Aunty - Whaea Keke. Valentina, Cousin - Kaihana. Pilar, Aunty - Whaea Keke. Antonia, Cousin - Kaihana. Stefan, Aunty - Whaea Keke.
Big Idea: First we wrote all our relations on our Think Book. Next we used an app, a poster, or online to show our Whakapapa. Now we have labeled all of our siblings. Mine is below my image. We did this because in the Maori culture, it is important to know your relations.

Feedback/Feedforward: It's great that you can go back generations. Next time you could find out the names of all your family. Max

Evaluation: I think I did well, considering I knew barely anything about my family.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Camp 2016 Portfolio Sample

Description: In class we have just come back from El Rancho Camp in Waikanae! We had 10 activities, which included Water Slide, Rifles, Horse Riding, Low Ropes, Kayaking and much more! While at camp, we had a camp diary, which we did regular daily entries into about what we enjoyed the most with a drawing, what we were challenged by the most and comments about our goal. Down below are my entries and my diary.

Feedback/Feedforward: l like the way that you told what activities were there and what was 
Challenging. Next time you can take a better picture either way it looks great. Shaiv.

Thursday, 3 March 2016

One Word 2016 Portfolio Sample

Description: In class we decided to choose One Word as a New Years Resolution. The process once we chose our word was now to tweet it to Twitter, and why it's our one word. Once we did that, we got our writers notebook to start at least 2 drafts before we started on the finished product. I chose this word because it covers a vast context, for example, I want to get better at Rugby. The reason I did the T's like that is because I wanted a shadow with my T's, so I added them.

Feedback/Feedforward: I like the way you did the camera but you could have made the dot for the I bigger. Tom

Evaluation: I agree with Tom that the dot for the I is too small, but other than that, I think that I did quite a good job. Next time, I think I should add more colours to the photo. A challenging time to show intentional is when you have finished everything and you have nothing to do. An easy time to show intentional is on a school trip because you can make yourself goals.

My 2016 Camp Goals

Description: In less than a week away, we are going to El Rancho Camp in Waikanae. To make camp more exciting, we have made goals. I have my 2 goals down below.