Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Whakapapa Portfolio Sample

Description: In E Te Reo, we have been learning about our Whakapapa or our family tree. Here is mine.
Me - Au. Daniela, Sister - Teina. Brent, Father - Papa, Matua. Paola, Mother - Mama, Whaea. Colleen, Nana - Kuia. Donald, Grandpa - Koroua, Koro. Miriam, Nana - Kuia. Mark, Uncle - Matua Keke. Kim, Aunty - Whaea Keke. Shane, Uncle - Matua Keke. Tanya, Aunty - Whaea Keke. Andrea, Aunty - Whaea Keke. Alejo, Cousin - Kaihana. Andres, Uncle - Matua Keke. Daniela, Aunty - Whaea Keke. Diego, Uncle - Matua Keke.  Isabella, Cousin - Kaihana. Liliana, Aunty - Whaea Keke. Valentina, Cousin - Kaihana. Pilar, Aunty - Whaea Keke. Antonia, Cousin - Kaihana. Stefan, Aunty - Whaea Keke.
Big Idea: First we wrote all our relations on our Think Book. Next we used an app, a poster, or online to show our Whakapapa. Now we have labeled all of our siblings. Mine is below my image. We did this because in the Maori culture, it is important to know your relations.

Feedback/Feedforward: It's great that you can go back generations. Next time you could find out the names of all your family. Max

Evaluation: I think I did well, considering I knew barely anything about my family.


  1. Ka mau te wehi! I find it very fascinating how families all fit together. I hope this learning has helped you to understand your whanau a little bit more. I hope you are enjoying e-Te Reo, we are missing you at Kapa Haka :)

  2. I like the way you showed who your family is and what they are to you. Next time you could find out more about your family and add it to your family tree. :)

    1. I agree. I forgot to ask my parents and my family is Huge, so Next time I could improve.

  3. Thanks Nic! E-Te Reo has been awesome, and adding E-Te Reo to my life is really teaching me about Te Reo Maori.