Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Two Stars and a Wish Week 3 Term 1

We did Two stars (two things we are proud of) and a Wish (a goal for us), so others can see how we are going in our learning.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Swimming Goals T1 2015

This term, we have had a goal that we want to acheive by the time swimming sports has arrived in Week 7. We swim 3 times a week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), so we don't have much time to acheive it.

The Big Idea:
My Goal is to be able to manage doing backstroke. I will acheive this by practicing every time I get the opportunity to go swimming. I will practise like I am practicing Dawn to Dusk.

First Video:

I think I really improved on my backstroke, because now I can see what I am doing, and not moving too much.

Second Video:

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Number Maths T1 2015

 In class we have been doing different maths tests. I nailed stage four, stage five and Stage 6, well, it was really hard. I was warned by Troy that the test was going to be hard. We had to get 40/50 or over to pass. I made it to Stage 6.

Stage 4
Stage 5:
Stage 6
The Big Idea: 
I have made it to Stage 6. With our Stage 6 test, we had a second chance to redeem ourselves. I managed to get another 5 questions correct. We highlighted our questions that we got wrong in pink. Now I know that my goal is to write numbers in order to 1,000,000, including fractions.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

My Best Holiday!

Purpose: To share memories about my childhood

Description: We read a piece of writing about someone's summer and we decided to write our own piece using the format below.

Remember when I dissappeared in the air from Wellington Airport to Brisbane and we went to the Gold Coast on the Epic M1 Motorway, covering the East Coast at night and it took FOREVER to wait for my flight back in Wellington?

Remember how I arrived at WhiteWater world and it felt like it was raining with all of the epic rides and the automatic waves every 10 minutes?

That was my Best Holiday Ever!!