Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Number Maths T1 2015

 In class we have been doing different maths tests. I nailed stage four, stage five and Stage 6, well, it was really hard. I was warned by Troy that the test was going to be hard. We had to get 40/50 or over to pass. I made it to Stage 6.

Stage 4
Stage 5:
Stage 6
The Big Idea: 
I have made it to Stage 6. With our Stage 6 test, we had a second chance to redeem ourselves. I managed to get another 5 questions correct. We highlighted our questions that we got wrong in pink. Now I know that my goal is to write numbers in order to 1,000,000, including fractions.

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  1. Tane, I know you have a very good maths brain and I am excited to work with you to stretch you even further. All I ask is that you do the same of yourself at home by continuing to work on those goals that aren't quite instant.