Thursday, 27 February 2014

Swimming Sports Reflection

WALT: evaluate our learning honestly
Task: Relfect on my efforts at swimming sports day
SC: Answer questions honestly, use correct spelling and punctuation and ask my learning partner to write me some feedback.

I was proud at swimming sports because I kept coming last last year but this year I was coming 5th in some races.

The thing that was challenging me the most was that I had to keep catching up.

I showed Kotahitanga by cheering on other houses. The other houses are Kereru, Kiwi and Kea. The house that I am in is Tui.

My goal for next time is to swim length and win a race!

Peer Comment:

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  1. You have some honest reflections here Tane! Thank you. I like your goal of swimming in the length races next year - that is a great challenge for you to keep in mind over the year.