Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Pop Art Portfolio Sample

Description: Each Thursday Afternoon, we go into 3 groups, Passion Projects with Suzanne, Pop Art With Kate, and Drama with Rebecca. I am in pop art. Pop Art is paper split in a quarter grid, then having a shape with non-constrasting bright colours, like green and ping, to make it pop. One example of a pop art artist which is an inspiration for me is Andy Warhol. Pop art was invented in 1955 in Britian, and in America by 1960. There are 2 types of pop art, Regular Pop art with a logo or image, and there is also word pop art. Personally, I like pop art. I have been working on mainly positioning different things.

Big Idea: We had to think of an image to put on to our pop art. I chose a plane, because planes are my passion. You are suppose to use non-contrasting bright colours to make it POP! I had to draw a plane, and make a stencil to trace with, and I split the page into quarters, and painted and outlined.

Feedback & FeedForward: I like your art and I like that added lots of colours and all the stuff that a real plane has but maybe you could make it look more realistic. Kiarna

Evaluation: I like how I did my Pop Art very efficiently, but next time I could slow down a bit and add more detail, not messy.

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  1. I definitely agree that you did your work very efficiently. I like the image you chose for your art as it means something to you and you thought about the colours you used to make the piece of art more effective. Next time you need to think about your brush strokes and taking your time to make them consistent and accurate.