Thursday, 20 August 2015

Production Portfolio Sample

Description: In a few weeks we are doing a production, which is an event which takes place every 2 years, and we preform in front of a croud of roughly 1,000 people. We have been making wearable arts by upcycling materials and reusing stuff. The main umbrella theme is 'Life', so my production group is 'Out of Africa'! I didn't choose my group because I was sick, but I am pretty happy with my group.

Friday 4th September 2015:
I have currently made a box mask, a corrugated card garment, a tin of fake coins, a wristband and a whip, like a rope. I am ready to add one more layer of paint to my mask, and where there is red on my garment like a paw, I will change it to blue. My next goal is to not add so many props, so I will add no more props. I think I have done great progress so far, but we still have 4 making days, so we will see what's next.

Finished Garment: 

The materials that I used to create my garment were Corrugated Card, Paint, Shoe Box, Hot Glue, Rubber Band, Alcohol Bottle Caps, Tin Packet, Wooden Bits of thickish string, Paper, Frozen Yoghurt Bottle and Broken pieces of coat hangers.

The most challenging thing about production for me was trying to get my ideas together to make one AWESOME garment.

One way I demonstrated a growth mindset during production was I kept on saying, "I'm not finished YET".

Something I am really proud of about production was making a garment instead of wearing a costume.

Our school vision is to create agency, creativity and excellence. I showed this by thinking and creating original art. Most people in Out of Africa made animals, but I made an African Person.

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  1. Tane you have worked hard to get your ideas into your garment. I can see the progression from your mood board right through the the finished garment, well done. I am looking forward to seeing it up on stage next week and I hope you enjoy performing during the production.