Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Maths Portfolio Sample

Description: In maths this term we have been learning about different addition and subtraction strategies. My maths teacher is Ebony.

Big Idea: We have been learning different strategies. I have learned Rounding & Compensating, which is a strategy where you make a tidy number, e.g, 42+69, you would add one to the 69, to make it 70. So you know that 70+42=112-1=111, because you need to get the one from somewhere. I have also learned the Reversibility strategy, and that is you have a question like 67-23=?, and you add it to get the answer. So 23+?=67. 23+40=63+4=67. 40+4=44, so 67-23=44.

Feedback: I like how in the big idea you put all the questions and put the answer in and you said how you worked them out. #Houston.
Feedforward: Maybe next time you could not put all the answers down and just put the questions because they can work them out themselves and it is quite confusing when you look at it. #Houston.

Evaluation: I like how I explained that something didn't work. Next time I could write down neater.

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