Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Maths Portfolio Sample Tane Neilson

WALT: use known facts to solve unknown facts

Description: In Troy's Workshop 11, We have been learning to use known facts to solve unknown facts. 

Purpose: We did this so we know ALL OF OUR TIMES TABLES, for example, 4x6, we can work that out with 4x5=20. We add on 4 because the beginning number is four. Then, you work out what 20+4 because 4x5=20 and we want to get an answer so we use 20. 20+4=24. So, 4x6+24.

Process: To learn this strategy, you NEED TO KNOW YOUR 10 times tables and 5 times tables. Then, you need to know how to add on. Now, try working out a tricky timetable, e.g, 5x36.

Learning: I learned that when you use this strategy, times tables become a lot more easier.

Evaluation: I think I did pretty well to understand the strategy. (I give myself 7/10) I could improve on getting it done a bit quicker because I was quite slow.

Buddy comment: Good job Tane I give you a 6/10 because you could do a show me or something. Cooper

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