Monday, 15 August 2016


Description: Over the past 3 weeks we have been practising for Mathex. Mathex is an event against 50 other school groups who compete to come first in this maths event. It is in the racecourse where you have 2 sections, the first part is where you have to answer some slow questions onto a big sheet, and the second part where there is quick fire questions. There are 15 minutes in each part. My group came 39th out of 51, and the other year 6 group came 20th.

Here is a question to show you how hard it is.

YEAR SIX   Mathex 2013                                     Team

Question 18

The Campbell family has a total of 13 pets, all either rabbits or birds.  If there were 42 legs in total, how many birds and how many rabbits do the family own?

*Answer is at the bottom.

We had to be able to use teamwork. This means
- communicating our ideas
- valuing ideas
-building on others ideas.

We also had to be able to think creatively, especially if there is a question that we don't know.

Feedback/Feedforward: I was fun I went to but next time you could say what we practice.

I have also now improved a lot of my maths skills, like area and learning more on capacity. We could've  done better, but we didn't do it quick enough.
My next goal now is to get into Mathex at Ross Intermediate, because that will be even harder with more people to choose from.

*8 rabbits and 5 birds

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  1. I enjoyed how your voice grew in confidence as we worked through this unit Tane. You came to every workshop with a can do attitude and shared and developed your ideas continually. You are a great communicator and are able to clearly identify the math in the complex word problems, share your thinking and also listen to others ideas.