Wednesday, 25 November 2015


Description: In inquiry, I am in Graduation. To start off, we went to 7 tasters. Then we chose our top 3 via Google Forms. Then the teachers chose our groups from our selections. 

The way I am benefiting the future is helping make Graduation Bigger and grander than it ever has. Like now it is at PNBHS, not our school hall.

Update: 3rd December 2015

What I did: I started by going through all the invitations to see if anyone was missed out, and no one was missed out. Then, I borrowed Troy's laptop and went through the slides to make sure nothing was missed out on.

Update: 10th December 2015

What I did: I went through all the slides for one final check, then I made mini hats for decoration.

Q1: Why did you choose this Inquiry group? I chose graduation because I had done it once and I wanted to do it again.

Q2: How did you show Agency, Creativity and Excellence? I showed Agency by getting the job done, even if it's by myself. I showed Creativity by instead of using cardboard on the back of The masks, to not make it flimsy, I used corrugated card. And I showed excellence by doing the job until I can't get it wrong.

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