Tuesday, 21 July 2015

New Zealand 4th Most Peaceful country in the World

Description: This year, NZ has been ranked the 4th peaceful country in the world. Today I have some information about why NZ has been ranked 4th.

So the first thing you need to know is that NZ is very isolated. When I say Isolated, I mean we are 3,000km from the nearest country, Australia. Now you may think that NZ has a small army, so China could attack. One bit is true, NZ has a small army, but we have lots of people with us, like US, AU and UK. A reason a country like Syria isn't the safest, more like the most dangerous, is because 1, they are having a civil war and 2, they have a terrorist group called 'Islamic State'. I think NZ should be the safest country in the world because we have a small population of 4,500,000 and that means that we have a small crime population, but big enough to have a good army.

In image: Wellington, NZ's Capital

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