Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Learning Pit

WALA: The Learning Pit

Description: We have been learning about when good learning happens.  

Task: Share what you know about the learning pit.

Draw the Learning Pit.
List at least 3 feelings that you might have when you are in the pit.
Panicked, challenged, frustrated
List at least 3 strategies that you could use to get out of the pit.
Ask an expert, ignore others who are booing me and do my own thing, keep trying and if I fail, try again
Label where good learning happens.
List 3 things you could say to yourself when you are in the pit.
I can do it, Keep trying, Don't give up!

Reflect on a time when you have been in the pit.
When I was learning to order fractions.
How did you feel when you were in the pit?
Stuck and I felt like I couldn't do it.
What did you do to work out of the pit?
I kept saying "I can do it" and ask people for help.

I think that you did a fantastic job on your learning pit but then like to say if you went and saw other amazing posters you wouldn't of used that much colour. 

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  1. Hi Tane! What a cool "Keep calm and strive for the pit" poster! I also really like the way that you have shown that learning is about a whole lot of journeys into and out of the pit! Great stuff! What a great example of when you were in the pit! I'm sure that you are proud of yourself now that you have achieved that!