Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Raffle 4 a ride news

Raffle 4 a Ride was a success
Raffle for a ride is getting to school in a way that you wouldn't normally go to school, e.g, a helicopter. On 17th April, Russell Street School was celebrating the 34 students who got an excellent ride that you won't often get because it is an bi-anuall event. You don't often get to school like this, but these kids don't either. These kids weren't nervous, they were excited, even though there was really heavy rain. So heavy that when I was recording, my iPad got wet.

The supporters club put it on to make money. The tanks seemed to be the popular one, with around 30+ children wanting to get on. People got things like bullets for a gun. Fire trucks, ambulances, sports cars, huge cars, tiny cars, weird cars, flying Cars. Oh wait, you can't get them yet can you. Maybe Helicopters for the time being. 

Ivan, the property manager is probably getting mad of all the wheelies that the sports cars were doing. Wheee ooh, Wheee ooh, as the siren goes suddenly. Gone silent again. That's better. Students in Poutama which is the schools open plan classroom got around 20+ students on a ride. Raffle for a Ride was an epic success. The End.

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