Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Best Sleepover In The World!!!!!

In the weekend, I went to a sleepover... at my cousins House. His house is really cool. Did you know that you can make the couch a bed? Well you can. My cousin lives on a farm. My Uncle made a pond for the Ducks to live. My cousin has a lamb and the lamb thinks that its a cow. My Cousin lives in Awahuni. Awahuni is a small town 10cms away from Kopane and a few cms away from Palmerston North. That was the best sleepover Ever.

Here are the inscrutions to make the bed. Step 1... Take two of the couch pillows off. (Not the ones you put you head on). Step 2... Have a look at the two pillows you took off. There will be a black thing you need to unfold. Step 3... Unfold the black thingy. You will also need Muscles to lift the black thingy to make a bed. Step 4... you have a bed.

1 comment:

  1. I am glad you liked the sleepover Tane. It seems that you all had lots of fun out there.
    So why did the lamb think he was a cow?

    Love Dad